"A Holistic Approach to Site & Building Design"
Littlehorn Engineering, LLC
  provides complete Surveying services. Investment in the needed surveys for the site, will save money and time, as this provides important information needed for the project design and build, and to comply with any regulations or requirements.
     We endeavor to be efficient, economical, and thorough, throughout the project, to ensure accuracy, and to aid in the timely completion of all project work, while coordinating with other contractors, designers, engineers, building department officials, and for inspections.
     Below is a description of some of the surveying services we provide:
•  Boundary Surveys
•  Alta Surveys
•  Improvement Location Certificates (ILC)
•  Construction Staking
•  As-Built Surveys
•  Annexation Plats
•  Foundation Certifications
•  Mining Claim Survey
•  Wetland Boundary Survey
•  Topographic Survey
•  Site Evaluation and Planning Survey
•  Drainage Design Survey
•  Landscape Design Survey
•  Driveway Design Survey
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